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Six Months on the Road: The Details


I’ve done a lot of living these last 6 months. Here are the details… The Highlights *Overcame my fear of cockroaches while in the Amazon. *Kayaked Las Isletas in Granada. *Explored the massive Mercado Municipal in Massaya. *Moonlight skinny-dipping in Ometepe. *Watched women weave tapestries in the Sacred valley. *Spent the day as a patient in a Colombian hospital. *Mountain […]

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Happy Birthday to a few of my favorites

November 5– a very special day which welcomed to this world such great human beings as: Shelley– My conjoined twin: I’m so excited for the day we can once again share a city. Now get out there and have two glasses of wine – one for you and one for me– you have my permission to talk for me in my absence. Lindsay–My favorite roommate and blond: I feel so blessed to have spent a couple months bonding over coffee and Good Morning America. I’ll always cherish those memories. Hope your day is extra special! Grandpa–My brillo-haired role model: I have the deepest appreciation and gratitude for your support and for being so lucky to call you my Grandpa. Hope this year is even better than last! Happy Birthday! Sending my love from Little Corn Island …

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A quick visit to Costa Rica

My short break from traveling stopped when I flew into San Jose, Costa Rica. For whatever reason, the research I had done on Costa Rica failed to get me excited. I carried on nonetheless. I had some ideas for a route that involved first heading to the Caribbean coast, then heading back to the Pacific, and working my way up […]

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The Benefits of a Break + On the Road Again

The Benefits of a Break … By the time I made it back to Wisconsin, my previous 48 hours looked like this: 16 hours on an overnight bus, followed by a night in San Jose, followed by 16 hours in airports and on planes, and finally a 2 hour car ride home. I went to sleep, finally back in my bed, and woke up to partake in a 3-day celebration in my hometown involving lots of friends, family, cheese and beer. By the time that was all over, I was exhausted and had no ambition to leave my house, let alone keep on travelling. Hence, I spent my remaining 3 week visit doing as little as possible–sleeping 10 hours a night, catching up on my favorite shows, watching movies, eating healthy, taking long leisurely walks and bumming with my family. I spent time with my adorable new niece. I went to the dentist. I got a check-up at my doctors office. I visited a friend who just moved out of state. I absorbed as much beautiful fall weather and colors as I possible could. My break seems to have worked: as I face the end of my 3 weeks, I am positively itching to get back on the road. I’m re-enthused, re-energized, re-packed, re-organized; healthy, excited and motivated.  Just as I needed the road to remind me what I appreciate at home–I needed home to remind me of what I appreciated on […]

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