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In Spring 2011, when I first devised a plan to travel longterm, I hadn’t the time nor a penny in my savings. However, in May 2012, after nearly a year of daydreaming and saving, I quit my job and left, solo, on a one-way ticket to South America. See: Almost Ready for that Leap. At the time, I was a twenty-something girl living in a small Midwestern community, earning an entry level salary, who was still paying off her student loans. See: 6 Ways I Saved for My Leap

Thirteen spectacular months of exploration and around $10,000 later–I flew home. See A year on the Road: A reflection.

Naturally, after a few months working and living with my parents, the lure of the nomadic life was just too strong for me to resist. I made the decision to enroll in a TEFL Course in Cambodia, which lead me to move to Vietnam, and the beautifully hectic Saigon. See: There is no cure for Wanderlust and Coming this November … 

Now three years later, I still live a life of travel.

travel quote

This site has a few main purposes.
It serves as a log of my travels for my family and friends who’d like to keep tabs on me–and to travel with me “vicariously” –and as a deeper, more personal project.

When I took my first trip to Central America, I met 18 year old Europeans who had been traveling for months making their way north from Argentina, and I figured they had to be wealthy to be able to travel like this. However, I was wrong. They just figured it out….

I want to help people who were like me. They have itch to travel, but believe that they don’t have the time or money or courage to do so. At work, they stare at their screen savers of exotic locales and ask themselves “Why can’t I be living and breathing this instead of staring at it on my computer screen?”

I hope to encourage Americans, or whoever else has the inspiration, to invest in travel. I want everyone to make their own leap, whether it’s for two weeks or two years. Even if your budget is as short as your free time. Even if you’re a little bit scared. Because even a small leap can forever change your life and how you see the world.

travel quote

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Travel Quote

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