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Reflections on visiting Cuba

Though just an hour flight from Cancun, Havana could not be more different. Cancun with its long stretches of congested roads,┬áplastered with billboards,┬álined with banks, restaurants, chintzy shops, tacky night clubs, and currency exchanges; highrise condos, apartment buildings and luxury hotels lining the horizon. An abundance of sex, booze and cement; a total lack of character. In contrast, upon landing […]

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So far in Mexico…

Bacalar I arrived in Chetumal, Mexico on a Chicken Bus from Belize. It was my easiest (and cheapest direct) border crossing yet. The first time I’ve crossed on a cheap bus, not because of choice, but because in most crossings the bus only goes as far as the border. You typically must walk across and find another bus or often […]

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Ringing in the New Year Antigua Style

There was Jell-O shots and sneaking drinks in the dorms like underage coeds. There was wandering the busy streets of Antigua; flamboyant parades, costumed performers dancing on stilts, mariachi bands, new friends, friendly strangers, busy bars, street food and cheap beer in the plaza. There was dancing and fireworks –LOTS of fireworks — and cheering and laughing and yelling for […]

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