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Dinner Last Night

So like most humans I’m into food. And since I’m getting used to this blogging thing, and see that some other bloggers like to share food they eat, or more particularly–food they make, I thought I’d try a “food post.” I mean, I cook, sometimes. So here goes… For dinner last night I made… Jalapeno Corn Cakes with Avocado Salsa […]

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Tips for living a minimalist life

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about the idea of a “minimalist lifestyle,” partly because I am trying to save money (I mean, let’s get serious), partly to try to change my lifestyle to one that is easily adaptable to change and travel (i.e. getting rid of the unnecessary/avoiding the acquisition of the unnecessary)  and partly because the idea itself […]

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“Leap and the net will appear” ~Zen Saying

Good Morning, I realize that at this moment I am writing to no one. I am writing to cyber space? That’s ok for now. This blog was conceived because of an idea. An idea that has somewhat recently became a real plan. I have started the research process for this plan.  I have even began creating spreadsheets. When I create a spreadsheet, I mean business. I even set a deadline for when this plan needs to become action. What is this idea/plan you ask?? The plan is for my next big adventure. And an adventure it will be. I will quite my job sometime before March 1st. I will buy a one way ticket to South America. I will travel for a year straight (or until I run out of mula). I will volunteer, couchsurf, learn Spanish and travel through Latin America “on a shoe string” as Lonely Planet likes to call it.  Starting in Chile and working my way up through Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, and then up to Panama and through Central America until I reach Belize, or possibly Mexico. I will write, see & do amazing things, meet inspiring people, and live the life of a vagabond. Though I don’t anticipate I will ever really be alone, I will embark on this journey solo. Why am I writing this now? 7 months before my estimated date of departure? Because before my big idea can become a healthy plan, […]

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