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4-Day Getaway Cat Tien National Park

After my initial honeymoon phase with HCMC ended–once the electricity and excitement faded a bit and the noise & light pollution, thick exhaust and chaos of the city began slowly strangling me, I became desperate to periodically get away. I’d spend free time researching and ask everyone I’d meet where I could go to breathe fresh air again, to see […]

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Expat Life in Vietnam: The first 3 months

I realize I haven’t been the best at blogging lately. I suppose a pretty full teaching schedule paired with exploring my new city + days off spent at the pool or sweating my culo off have left little time for blogging. Or maybe its the sort of inspiration block common when one finally decides to settle in and stay awhile. I apologize. […]

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TET in Vietnam

TET in Ho Chi Minh

Lonely Planet describes Vietnamese TET as “Christmas, New Years and everyone’s Birthday, all rolled into one.” But really, TET celebrates the beginning of the new year on the lunar calendar, and the beginning of “spring” in Vietnam. Though the actually holiday lasts only three days; for nearly nine days (with weeks of anticipation leading up) the entire city is held […]

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Thoughts on Bali

For the past few weeks, I’ve struggled with what to write about Bali. For whatever reason, I left the beautiful little island with mixed feelings. While undoubtedly a lovely place, I found it to be so overwhelmingly touristy, I had difficulty feeling like I could get to know the real Bali or it’s people. However, as I suspected, my memories of […]

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