Here is where I offer my encouragement to those who want to make their own leap. Know that I have met people from all backgrounds from all over the world also on an extended trip, taking their own leap–people with kids, people with houses and jobs and financial debt. Chances are if you want it bad enough, you can make it happen…

Saving for a leap

Packing for a long trip

Some pre-trip thoughts

Why Travel?
Six Months on the Road

Returning from a big trip
BootsnAll offers some amazing article about re-entry
After your RTW trip

My most inspiring collections of sites
These are the sites I gained inspiration from, gathered ideas, learned the tricks, etc. In no particular order…

Meet, Plan, Go
A whole slew of advice, encouragement, opportunities for escaping the cubicle.

Escape the City
For those looking for new or alternative work opportunity

Puts you in touch with work exchange opportunities–i.e. a few hours of work a day in exchange for room and board. All over the world. Charges a small one time fee.

This site has been a sort of bible for me over the past 6 months. Nearly every article resonates. I love the Indie Traveler series, and the Indie Traveler Manifesto is something I will follow while on my journey.

Twenty-Something Travel
A go-to blog for–you guessed it–twenty something travelers.

Further Bound
Wow. What can I say–everything about this blog is impressive. The design, her ideas & thoughts and the way in which she expresses them with her stellar writing…and this girl hasn’t even left for her big trip! She is a wordsmith if I’ve ever seen one.

The Globetrotter Girls
A site run by vagabonding girls,who write very useful articles regarding budgeting, travel tips, location highlights, etc. It helps that they have traveled through Central America and include in-depth budgets, recommended food/hostels/activities. Just uber inspiring in general…

The Indie Travel Podcast
The website paired with the podcast provides endless useful information. Upon listening to an Indie Travel Podcast, I am left elated. Plus, I can work and listen at the same time.

Almost Fearless
I especially enjoy the “30 ways in 30 days to redesign your life and travel” section.

Trip Adviser

I love trip adviser… I could spend hours exploring it. Good place to check up on a hostel, see what a city or town has to offer, etc. Lots of useful reviews. Over the course of my trip I became a top contributer, while also using it many times to decide where to stay, or where to splurge.

Nomadic Chick
A blog about long-term traveling women. This post caught my attention first. Great advice on what to pack, and planning.

The Travel Chica 
Another solo woman traveler, in Latin America, offering country by country breakdowns of advice, and photos; also she has useful sections on budget and gear. Well-written and organized.

Traveled Earth
Amazingly detailed blog chronicling a young couple’s RTW trip. These guys cover EVERYTHING, in detail. Fascinating and useful


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