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The Adventure Doesn’t Stop Here…

Because, unfortunately, I’m not Elizabeth Gilbert, and did not return from my big trip with a best-seller and a hot Brazilian–but rather to my parents house, broke, carrying nothing but rotten clothes and happy memories, I decided it may be time for me to nab a job and “get a life.” I figured that job should be in a hip city like “Austin,” “New Orleans,” or “Denver,” or any city where there would be food trucks, thrift shops, moonshine distilleries; and as many quirky/eclectic attractions as possible. And that life should include lots of cool, new friends who have interesting hobbies. I could take up a few of my own new hobbies such as canning, shuffleboard, twerking; and maybe finally fitting in that “wood-working for women” class I’ve always wanted to take. And I could start dating guys who bike, or guys in bands or guys with beards; bearded guys in bands who bike! It could be fun. Maybe then, I could fulfill my overwhelming desire to constantly put myself in strange new settings. I could mimic those things I loved most about traveling–learning, meeting new people, challenging myself–right here in the USA. The new life I find doesn’t have to be one I’m not ready for (husband, babies, houses, cars). But first, I was due (and wanting) to play catch up with my wonderful family. Which worked out well, because, as mentioned above, I’d barely enough money to do anything else. So, […]

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12 Reasons Why Americans Should Backpack Through Mexico

beach and palms

1. Because you’ll meet Mexicans of all backgrounds–not just the waiters, taxi drivers and those who work at your hotel. When you meet the locals who aren’t being paid to be nice to you; you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their pure kindness and hospitality. 2. Because you’ll eat the street food–instead of Italian, Mediterranean or the Americanized version so commonly found in […]

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The Details: One Year of Travel


I’ve done a lot of living these last 12 months (details from the first 6 are in italics). Here are the details… The Highlights Click here for full details from the First 6 months Highlights of the last 7: *75 hours of one-on-one Spanish Classes + 2 weeks living with a family in Guatemala. *6 hour kayaking adventure through a […]

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