Wrapping up an epic year

2015 was an epic travel year for me …

I started the year on an airplane somewhere between Hong Kong and Vietnam. January was filled with road trips around Southern Vietnam. In February we ventured to Myanmar, a place high on my bucket list, seeing the stunning country by bus and boat. In March, we explored the scenic highlands of Northern Thailand by motorbike.

In April, we lounged on the beaches of southern Cambodia. In May, I wrapped up my teaching job in Vietnam, and started teaching online. This decision, made my schedule even more flexible and has allowed me the funds and time to travel more freely. In June, Jim and I moved to Indonesia for the summer. In July, we explored nearby islands and saw nearly every sight we could in Bali. We began August in the jungles of Malaysian Borneo and ended the month exploring Java by train.

In September, Jim and I flew home to America. This would be our first time together in the motherland as a couple, after over a year of dating. We caught up with friends and spent precious time with family. In October, I drove cross country to Alabama to stay with Jim in his hometown. In November, we flew to Colombia and spent a month living in Medellin, exploring the nearby idyllic villages of the coffee growing region. In December, we were home for the holidays, splitting our time between my family in the north and his in the south–road tripping between the two; stopping in Springfield, St Louis, Memphis and finally, ending the epic year in New Orleans.

Plans for the coming year include new business ventures, flying south for the winter to one of my favorite countries (Mexico!!) and likely spending the summer closer to home.

Though I wasn’t always the best at keeping this blog updated, I always had my camera. Click on the photo below to see a compilation of my favorite photos from 2015.

Flickr Album

Best of 2015//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js


  1. I can’t believe you didn’t think the year the old bats visited you wasn’t epic 😃

    I enjoyed your year just reading all your great adventures! Keep enjoying!


  2. Loved reaching your posts throughout the year! The life of travel and adventure is a great one! I am currently selling everything we own and we are going to live and travel in our RV full-time. Just curious, how/where are you teaching online? My husband is a teacher and we are looking for a way to work online and make money during out travels!



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