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The First Month Lowdown

OK let me preface this post by saying- a few days ago, while on a 19 hour overnight bus journey, I spent around 3 hours writing a Peru/first month recap. Something went terribly wrong, and for reasons I’d rather not discuss, my post never saved. This is a touchy subject for me- but I will try my best to rewrite […]

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I walked to Machu Picchu

Day 2 Salkantay Trek

At this moment, I sit in an internet cafe in Arequipa, Peru. The noise of the streets, instant message beeping, and the singing of an unidentifiable insect, act as hypnotizing background music. A Peruvian couple near me holds their baby, dressed in a communian gown, up to their computer screen- undoubtably showing her off to her grandparents across the country. […]

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Wait, what day is it again?

Sandboarding the world largest sand dune

It has been, what- around 11 days since I departed Chicago, and I´ve already started forgetting what day of the week it is. Don´t even ask the time. My days have all started to merge together… Was that yesterday that we climbed Ciero Blanco?? Nope, 2 days ago. Its all a very strange and surreal- though undoubtably good feeling. I […]

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Departures, Panama City and Pisco Sour

The Fabulous (and completely free for me) Aeropuerto Hotel in Panama City

5 AM Saturday, Monroe WI– I wake after 2 hours of anxious sleep. Stayed up later than expected trying to figure out my proof of onward travel situation. Ended up reluctantly buying a ticket to Ecuador for May 30. Was glad I had it when the Spirit agents gave me a hard time about my one-way ticket. 11 AM Saturday, […]

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Packing for an unforeseeably long trip

Even I find the thought perplexing–how exactly does one pack for a trip with no planned ending? How on Earth will I possibly stuff my single carry-on sized backpack with all the clothing, gear and everyday essentials to outfit me as I travel through a plenitude of climates–from Amazonian jungle to arid dessert; from to the cool Andean highlands to […]

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Strange, yet not so strange at all

People keep asking me how I’m feeling–am I’m excited? Am I scared? Am I sad? Am I happy to be done with work? etcetera, etcetera To be honest, I don’t have a great answer for any of those questions: Am I excited–of course, though after months and months spent in a strange internal state of excitement, anxiety has conquered excitement. […]

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13 Days to Go

13 days before I finally make the leap for which this blog was named … 13 days to launder my limited wardrobe, to photocopy and google-doc, to call credit card companies; to purchase proof of onward travel; to sort my money situation; to book my first nights’ accommodation. 13 days to to pack and unpack and then repack my pack […]

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