Mexico: Beyond the Beaches

We’ve been travelling around Mexico now nearly a month and we haven’t visited a single beach. We haven’t even seen the ocean. We haven’t been to Cabo or Puerta Vallarta or Cancun, Cozumel or the Rivera Maya. If we haven’t been sipping margaritas on white sand beaches, or getting wild at Senor Frogs, you ask, what have we been doing? Mexico […]

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12 Reasons Why Americans Should Backpack Through Mexico

beach and palms

1. Because you’ll meet Mexicans of all backgrounds–not just the waiters, taxi drivers and those who work at your hotel. When you meet the locals who aren’t being paid to be nice to you; you’ll be pleasantly surprised by their pure kindness and hospitality. 2. Because you’ll eat the street food–instead of Italian, Mediterranean or the Americanized version so commonly found in […]

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The Details: One Year of Travel


I’ve done a lot of living these last 12 months (details from the first 6 are in italics). Here are the details… The Highlights Click here for full details from the First 6 months Highlights of the last 7: *75 hours of one-on-one Spanish Classes + 2 weeks living with a family in Guatemala. *6 hour kayaking adventure through a […]

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The Joy and Glory of Mexican Food

I was preparing myself to be surprised by the food of Mexico. I had a feeling the Americanized– crunchy tacos with ground hamburger, shredded yellow cheese, iceburg lettuce, tomato, cheese sauce, sour cream, tortilla chips and jars of chunky red salsa, etc.–had little to do with the real food from a country with a cultural tradition hundreds of years rich. […]

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