Food & Place

lunch in granada

Our kayak guide in Granada Nicaragua told us about this inexpensive menu of the day spot near the plaza. Curried chicken, rice & beans, plantains, salad; with a nice view.

Nactamales in Leon

While in Leon, Nicaragua, taking Spanish classes I decided to try the specialty Nacatamales–essentially normal tamales with seasoned pork, onions, capers, raisons, chile–in a spot just off the plaza, which was unfortunately being renovated at the time.

Seafood in Honduras

While working in a shipyard in La Cieba, Honduras, I was invited out for seafood soup in a nearby Garifuna village by the sea, along with an eccentric group of captains. We ate a fish soup filled with crab, lobster and white fish in a coconut broth, watching the Garifuna kids play on the beach as the sun set.

Guatemalan "enchiladas"

While spending a beautiful day in Flores, Guatemala; I stumbled on a few street venders selling enchilades (nothing like the Mexican version); tostadas  topped with a variety of yummy stuff, and often including a vibrant beet salad; I washed them down with fresh horchata. It being a sunday, the area around the lake was filled with happy Guatemalan families; warmed by the late afternoon sun.

Valentines Day fish tacos on Isla Mujeres

I spent Valentine’s day beach hopping with a couple French girls on Isla Mujeres, in Mexico. We had lunch at a seafood joint on the beach. There was a band of geriatric musicians playing romantic songs on steel drums as we ate. After lunch we rented a golf cart and explored the island.

BBQ in Chiapas

While working at a hostel in Chiapas, we organized an outing and BBQ in a nearby park; we grilled longaniza (Mexican sausage),and put them on fresh bread with tomatos, avocado, Oaxaca cheese and buffalo sauce. We spent the afternoon lounging in the sun, exploring caves, having “stick races” down the river and generally just having a great time, acting like kids.

Fish & sunset in Puerto Vallarta

While alone in Puerto Vallarta, I ventured out seeking seafood and a spot to watch the sunset–sort of “date” with myself. I was bombarded by venders and waiters trying desperately to lure me into their restaurant. I found one spot right on the beach (with no annoying dude outside trying to talk me into coming in), ordered this fish dinner for a mere 50 pesos ($4) and was even given a free mango margarita by the waiter. The ridiculous, and almost incoherent, drunken banter between a middle aged American guy and his female friend at the table nearby kept me entertained.


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