13 Days to Go

13 days before I finally make the leap for which this blog was named …

13 days to launder my limited wardrobe, to photocopy and google-doc, to call credit card companies; to purchase proof of onward travel; to sort my money situation; to book my first nights’ accommodation.

13 days to to pack and unpack and then repack my pack

My pack… which has been in that position for nearly 2 months, accumulating crap.

13 days to travelfy this blog, to fill my kindle with hours of entertainment, to fill my iPod with useful apps.

13 days to frantically study Spanish; to untie knots, to clean up messes, to add a few files to the filing cabinet.

13 more days of living in the “anticipation phase”

13 more nights in my insanely comfortable bed :/

A bed that's hard to get out of

13 days for hugs and beers with friends; for meals with my family; for walks with the dog…

13 days to say goodbye.

Yep, I do believe the gravity of my situation has finally hit me…

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