“Leap and the net will appear” ~Zen Saying

Good Morning,

I realize that at this moment I am writing to no one. I am writing to cyber space? That’s ok for now.

This blog was conceived because of an idea. An idea that has somewhat recently became a real plan.

I have started the research process for this plan.  I have even began creating spreadsheets.

When I create a spreadsheet, I mean business. I even set a deadline for when this plan needs to become action.

What is this idea/plan you ask??

The plan is for my next big adventure. And an adventure it will be. I will quite my job sometime before March 1st. I will buy a one way ticket to South America. I will travel for a year straight (or until I run out of mula). I will volunteer, couchsurf, learn Spanish and travel through Latin America “on a shoe string” as Lonely Planet likes to call it.  Starting in Chile and working my way up through Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, and then up to Panama and through Central America until I reach Belize, or possibly Mexico. I will write, see & do amazing things, meet inspiring people, and live the life of a vagabond.

Though I don’t anticipate I will ever really be alone, I will embark on this journey solo.

Why am I writing this now? 7 months before my estimated date of departure? Because before my big idea can become a healthy plan, I must get to work making sure it will happen as smoothly as possible–making sure it will happen at all. From now on, this is my plan’s adolescence stage. And it’s crucial I make sure that she grows into a stable, well-rounded, and functioning adult plan. Guide her and fill her with knowledge, but not become too controlling of her development; because the best plans are flexible.

That’s where the research and spreadsheet building comes in. Because, this is something I need to do. And I have a feeling that in order to keep on track I’ll need to record my progress.
Now is the time I figure out how much money I will need to have in my bank account (I must get a second job and a roommate) before I bid farewell to my cubicle. This is the time I start pinching pennies.
This is when I begin developing ideas as far as what I ultimately want to accomplish, and what I want to learn from this adventure. This is the time I start figuring out what I need to do.
This is before I figure out exactly how one packs for a year long trip. Before, I defer my loans, renew my passport, tie up loose ends, buy travel insurance, throw a going a party, and accomplish much more I’m sure I’m not aware of at this time…

I found the quote “Leap and the net will appear” in the book “The Lost Girls” when I read it last summer. The words stuck with me, growing into one of my mantras.

I’m almost ready for that leap.

That’s all for today…

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