The Adventure Doesn’t Stop Here…

Because, unfortunately, I’m not Elizabeth Gilbert, and did not return from my big trip with a best-seller and a hot Brazilian–but rather to my parents house, broke, carrying nothing but rotten clothes and happy memories, I decided it may be time for me to nab a job and “get a life.”

I figured that job should be in a hip city like “Austin,” “New Orleans,” or “Denver,” or any city where there would be food trucks, thrift shops, moonshine distilleries; and as many quirky/eclectic attractions as possible. And that life should include lots of cool, new friends who have interesting hobbies. I could take up a few of my own new hobbies such as canning, shuffleboard, twerking; and maybe finally fitting in that “wood-working for women” class I’ve always wanted to take. And I could start dating guys who bike, or guys in bands or guys with beards; bearded guys in bands who bike! It could be fun.

Maybe then, I could fulfill my overwhelming desire to constantly put myself in strange new settings. I could mimic those things I loved most about traveling–learning, meeting new people, challenging myself–right here in the USA. The new life I find doesn’t have to be one I’m not ready for (husband, babies, houses, cars).

But first, I was due (and wanting) to play catch up with my wonderful family. Which worked out well, because, as mentioned above, I’d barely enough money to do anything else. So, living rent free at my gracious family home, and working at my old college summer job–as a painter for the local school district–it seemed I had hit “rewind’ on my life back to summer ’09. Things were pretty much the same; I was back to job hunting and working barely above minimum wage.

Except now all my friends had one or more of the following: jobs, cars, houses, dogs, fiancés, babies. Except my parents are retired; my brother and his family live a block away and I have no desire to frequent the local bars. Except I already had tasted the sweet nectar of LIVING ALONE, before savoring the freedom of life as a vagabond.

After a few weeks of 5AM wake up calls, a few half-ass attempts at job-hunting, and one too many intense travel flashbacks, fantasies involving new exotic lands began fogging my concentration. I started convincing myself that I was still young; I still have another year on the road in me. I have no major commitments. I have momentum. If I settled into a comfortable life here, I lose all that and I may never leave.

And so…Google searches for “web design jobs in Austin,” gave way to “Jobs that involve travel,” which evolved into “Best countries to teach English.” Soon I found myself discussing options with an advisor at TEFL Academy. And then, jumping through hoops; deposit paying-background check applying-document notarizing-priority mailing, and finally TICKET BUYING.

Which, finally, brings me to my big announcement!

First It involves…




CAMBODIA. Beginning November 25, I’m enrolled in a TEFL course (teaching English as a second language).

Then I’m off to…




VIETNAM. Here I’ll get to see what it’s like trying to find a job, working and LIVING in the developing world. And then, I’ll get to see if my family is right when they say teaching is not easy.

I’m stopping in BALI! Because I can’t fly to the opposite end of the planet without squeezing in an extra week of travel in yet another new place. SO before I learn to be a teacher, I will land in “The Island of the Gods,” for 10 days of R&R.

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Which means, this blog still has an exciting future ahead; and this girl is preparing for another leap…

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  1. Amazing! I taught english for a little while, it definitely beats struggling to get a bad job back at home. Good luck, I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time!!


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