Almost Ready for That Leap

Somewhere between climbing a volcano, sleeping in a jungle treehouse and browsing open-air markets, my dream began growing

“Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.”
– Napoleon Hill

This blog was conceived because of a dream. And from that dream a real-life plan began gestating.

This plan consumed much of my thoughts for a solid 9-11 months. Beginning as the size of a grain of rice, with each month it grew until it was far too large to ignore–until it could do nothing but emerge into a sort of life changing entity.

This plan darn near took over my life. But it was OK. I developed a mother-child relationship with the plan. I helped the plan grow, develop, flourish; and in turn the plan brought to me a sort of school-girl-in-love giddiness–the kind that can be rare in this life. It provided me with a joy deep inside. A joy that made me feel warm and happy and bursting with energy. Through this, I learned that a meaningful life is purpose driven–whatever that purpose might be. I grew very attached; I loved the plan. I guided it and filled it with knowledge; careful not to become too controlling of its development. The best plans are flexible and adaptable.

For my plan, sometimes I worked nearly 60 hours a week. I lived on a strict budget–pinched the life out of every penny. For my plan I created detailed spreadsheets. I spent hours every single day reading, researching and learning.  I stopped shopping at the “fancy” grocery stores, I stopped visiting out of town friends, and I even stayed in on a far share of Saturday nights. I cut down on my alcohol consumption. I cut out any monthly expense that was not completely necessary or in favor of my plan. I avoided malls like the plague. I began teaching myself Spanish, so that when my plan was finally born, I could understand it. For my plan, I turned down skydiving

As my plan grew, I needed to begin rearranging my life to make room for it. First, I began donating my unnecessary possessions to friends, family or charity. Next, I (painfully) said goodbye to my home of the last two years–my amazing apartment. And just recently, I gave my resignation notice to my supervisors at my current job.

Finally, it seems my hard work has been rewarded. My plan has manifested in the form of a crisp one-way ticket to South America. One that I intend to use on Saturday, May 5. One that I can say that I’m actually ready for–or as ready as I’ll ever be.

Starting on May 5,  I will travel indefinitely. I will volunteer, couchsurf, WOOF, learn Spanish and travel through Latin America “on a shoe string” as Lonely Planet likes to call it.  Starting in Peru and working my way up through Ecuador, Columbia, and then up to Panama and through Central America until I reach Mexico. Roughly. I will not follow a strict schedule. I will stay in one place as long as I see fit. I will write, see & do amazing things, meet inspiring people, volunteer, learn all that I can, and until further notice–live the life of a a traveler.

My time is near, and my toes are peaking over the edge.

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