What I’ve Been Eating Lately: Part Two

Bun Cha Hanoi

Bun Cha Hanoi ($2.50); cold rice vermicelli noodles, tender grilled pork patties over pickled daikon and carrots in a savory and slightly sweet sauce, fresh lettuce and herbs. I found this particular Bun Cha place one night when walking home from my public school job. I was lured in by the smell of grilling meat. I have since returned several times.


My landlord took my roommate and I out on a little motorbike adventure which took us to districts we didn’t know existed, worlds away from the craziness of district one. After driving down a long, dusty, country road we came to a large restaurant. He ordered tender roasted chicken, fresh herbs, and homemade rice wine. The chicken was lovely; the rice wine was pungent and thick, burning the throat as it went down.


Found this mystery dish (I don’t know the name of it) at a street vender near Ben Thanh Market; pork dumplings with herbs, crispy dried onions, green papaya and a sweet and spicy sauce ($1). One of my favorites.


I discovered a cute little Thai restaurant down a hidden alleyway near my language school. From my first visit, I’ve only ever been able to order one thing; the green mango salad with crispy catfish ($3.50). I’ve intended to try something new, but the desire to eat this salad always wins.


Classic Vietnamese noodle soup with chicken, scallions, herbs, bean sprouts ($2); garnished with lime and chili. This one is from a spot near my house; which serves a wide variety of traditional dishes plus delicious juices and smoothies.


Completely overwhelmed by the city, I escaped to the nearest coastal town-Vung Tau–where I paid $4.50 to spend the day at a nice resort with a swimming pool and private beach. I ordered the scallops for lunch ($5). Scallops, always served on a half shell, and often with peanuts, have become a favorite treat since I’ve come to Vietnam.


Thit bo nuong; or grilled beef with cold noodles, fresh herbs, cucumber, and peanuts ($2). Easily one of my favorite Vietnamese foods. This one is from a spot on my walk to work–and has become a fairly common breakfast for me.


Tra sua; Milk tea, this one with boba or bubbles. Tea mixed with sweet milk plus tapioca bubbles. My newest addiction–which I try to keep at a minimum. The neighborhood near my public school job has numerous bubble tea shops–proving I’m not the only one with an addiction.20140322-153028.jpgBacon cheeseburger and fries. Every now and then, I can’t help myself…

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  1. You make me hungry after reading and seeing this! They all sound delicious! When you get back, you can make dinner for all your friends and family:)


  2. thank you for posting this feast for the eyes – everything looks so delicious. I love all the fresh herbs in Vietnamese food.


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