Hola Playa! Chilling at Ecuador’s Most Popular Beach

Currently in the hippie surfer paradise of Montanita, Ecuador- a beach village that could not get any more beachy.

Arrived last night: drank $2 piña coladas and passion fruit mojitos, then danced until 4 in the morning to Bob Marley and outdated American dance music.

Spent the entire day today on a lounge chair on the beach – eating fresh ceviche, chocolate covered bananas and drinking from coconuts. Watched gringo backpackers & ecuadorians, wander the beach barefoot, locals play fetch with their dogs, dreadlocked surfers catch some waves and venders sell jewelry, tacos, sunglasses, beach toys, ice cream, lamps (explain that one), juice and more.

I’m staying here forever- so I can live a peaceful life by the sea- I will grow dreads and sell empanadas on the beach. Nice knowing you all ….







  1. sounds like the life to me…FRESH coconut water, passion fruit mojitos and the cool breeze from the sea 🙂 Why am I in Wisco again 🙂 Continue having fun 🙂


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