Mexico: Beyond the Beaches


We’ve been travelling around Mexico now nearly a month and we haven’t visited a single beach. We haven’t even seen the ocean. We haven’t been to Cabo or Puerta Vallarta or Cancun, Cozumel or the Rivera Maya. If we haven’t been sipping margaritas on white sand beaches, or getting wild at Senor Frogs, you ask, what have we been doing? Mexico […]

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Ramadan in Lombok + A last minute trip to the Gili Islands


Bali is distinctly different from her Mother, Indonesia. Born from another father than Sumatra, Papua, Borneo, or even Java or Tenggara next door, Bali was raised observing completely unique cultural and religious rituals than the others–and really, than the rest of the world. Much of the differences between Bali and the other islands, spawn from religious views–where Indonesia is mostly Muslim, Bali […]

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Living like a Digital Nomad in Ubud

Graffiti in Ubud, Bali

One month has passed in that way time passes when you are living someplace new and different. Fast yet slow. Plenty of days spent in a mixed blur of laziness and work; motorbike adventures and days where we barely left the house or our computers. Getting comfortable. Learning the lay of the land. We’ve been in Bali a month and we […]

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Birds in Paradise: A Day in Bali Bird Park


The attendant showed us the calculator screen,”800,000 rupiah…” The cost for two tickets to Bali Bird Park. We hadn’t done our homework. We made the 30 minute drive south from Ubud and arrived to find out the entrance price, the equivalent of $27 USD/each, was far more than our cheap selves wanted to pay for a nonchalant day trip. We looked at each […]

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