Living like a Digital Nomad in Ubud

Graffiti in Ubud, Bali

One month has passed in that way time passes when you are living someplace new and different. Fast yet slow. Plenty of days spent in a mixed blur of laziness and work; motorbike adventures and days where we barely left the house or our computers. Getting comfortable. Learning the lay of the land. We’ve been in Bali a month and we […]

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Expat Life in Vietnam: The first 3 months

I realize I haven’t been the best at blogging lately. I suppose a pretty full teaching schedule paired with exploring my new city + days off spent at the pool or sweating my culo off have left little time for blogging. Or maybe its the sort of inspiration block common when one finally decides to settle in and stay awhile. I apologize. […]

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Six Months on the Road: The Details


I’ve done a lot of living these last 6 months. Here are the details… The Highlights *Overcame my fear of cockroaches while in the Amazon. *Kayaked Las Isletas in Granada. *Explored the massive Mercado Municipal in Massaya. *Moonlight skinny-dipping in Ometepe. *Watched women weave tapestries in the Sacred valley. *Spent the day as a patient in a Colombian hospital. *Mountain […]

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