Leaving Santa Marta

I’ve officially (barely) survived over 5 weeks in the Santa Marta vicinity–it was a relentlessly hot, beach and sun filled, rum soaked, late nights & early mornings… exhausting, mind numbing, ridiculously fun 5 weeks. I had a sort of love hate relationship with Santa Marta–on one hand she was hot, noisy, persistent, covered in a gritty coat of dust or […]

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Sick in San Gil

Though I find myself in the unofficial adventure sports capital of Colombia–the lovely small town of San Gil–I have little motivation to partake in any of the thrilling activities offered. After weeks of little sleep, too much fun, many hours of work at a very smokey bar, some rough around the edges travel, a few nights in a hammock and […]

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When tourism invades paradise

Cabo San Juan, Tayrona Park

There are few places in Colombia as talked up as Tayrona Park. So for that reason, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Often these over-hyped spots are slightly to severely overrated. From some, I had heard great things: “paradise,” from others- more mixed reviews- “overpriced.” What did I think? …I suppose, a little of both- an overpriced paradise … Anna […]

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