La Serana: Someplace Very Special in Colombia

Gates leading into a little slice of heaven

First you catch a bus to Armenia, then one to Salento, and when you arrive in the main square, you hire a jeep and tell him to take you to La Serrana Eco Farm and Hostel.

As the jeep rolls down the long, dusty gravel driveway, you’ll find yourself on a cozy finca overlooking panoramic views of rolling farmland, grazing animals, and impossibly green mountains. Hydrangeas grow along rocky pathways. A hammock–just asking for a weary traveller and good book–sways in the breeze.

Friendly dogs greet you as you make your way into an airy ranch. This ranch feels like your childhood best friends house–the one in the country. The one where you had all the room in the world to run and play.

Inside, a vase of tropical flowers sits on a large inviting table, an open kitchen contains Dutch girls making hot chocolate and popcorn, couches filled with Germans, Israelis, and Aussies gaze at a TV–which plays a classic American comedy. One guy plays guitar on the patio while another drinks fresh coffee.

Raw milk and homemade yogurt fresh made from the happy grazing cows nearby, large rich brownies, and homemade peaunut butter are available at cost if or when they are desired. A popcorn maker sits in the corner waiting for a case of the munchies.

Guest kitchen and dining area

Living room


And just when you think things can’t be more perfect, the sky paints a rainbow. Travelers head to the hillside to gaze at it.

At seven, the dinner bell rings and all head to the kitchen. This is an open tiled room with windows for walls, wine bottles adorning the ceilings and friendly Colombian women busy with the finishing touches on tonights meal–family style burritos–homemade tortillas, guacamole and salsa, steak, chicken, veggies, beans and rice: ingrediants of which were born on or near the farm.

We gather at long candlelit wooden tables to share our home-cooked meal; drink wine and discuss where we’ve come from; where we are going. This dinner continues for hours, until we head to back to the house.

Some play the guitar and sing, others practice their Spanish, the rest pop in another movie. The mood is chill, and as we sit on cush leather couches-the tv screen gently flickering- it feels as if we are cozy at home. And for some- after months, even years on the road–and many more ahead–thats a feeling worth far more than the $10/night price tag.


  1. Linds, Really Really enjoying reading about your adventures and experiences You have a way with words so we feel as if we are sharing the experience right there beside you Take good care


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