Holy Mole

At first glance mole has got to be one of the least asthetically appealing of Mexican foods. To an innocent bystander, Mole appears to be merely a chicken leg drowning in a pool of soupy brown liquid.  However after that first bite, mole turns into something magical. And with each glorious bite  thereafter it`s easy to see why Mexican abuelas […]

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Six Months on the Road: The Details


I’ve done a lot of living these last 6 months. Here are the details… The Highlights *Overcame my fear of cockroaches while in the Amazon. *Kayaked Las Isletas in Granada. *Explored the massive Mercado Municipal in Massaya. *Moonlight skinny-dipping in Ometepe. *Watched women weave tapestries in the Sacred valley. *Spent the day as a patient in a Colombian hospital. *Mountain […]

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Sailing the Deep Blue Sea

I stand under the clocktower–respite from a warm evening rain. I try not to look as uncomfortable as I feel, with $500,000 pesos and my passport hiding in my shoulder bag. It’s just after eight, and I’m scanning the plaza for a stout Austrian and his much younger Turkish Girlfriend. In less than 2 days, that stout Austrian–called Fritz–will be my […]

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Post Ecuador Roundup

Number of Days in Ecuador: 20 Areas Visited: Guayaquil (2 nights)- Montanita (4)- Banos (4)- Tena (2)- Misahaulli & The Jungle (3) -Quito (4) -Tulcan (1 night in the border town) Average daily cost for lodging: around $7 Most Expensive Hostel: Splurged on a double room at a fancy boutique guesthouse in Guayaquil, when the dorms filled- $30 or $15/per […]

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The First Month Lowdown

OK let me preface this post by saying- a few days ago, while on a 19 hour overnight bus journey, I spent around 3 hours writing a Peru/first month recap. Something went terribly wrong, and for reasons I’d rather not discuss, my post never saved. This is a touchy subject for me- but I will try my best to rewrite […]

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Wait, what day is it again?

Sandboarding the world largest sand dune

It has been, what- around 11 days since I departed Chicago, and I´ve already started forgetting what day of the week it is. Don´t even ask the time. My days have all started to merge together… Was that yesterday that we climbed Ciero Blanco?? Nope, 2 days ago. Its all a very strange and surreal- though undoubtably good feeling. I […]

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