Sick in San Gil


Though I find myself in the unofficial adventure sports capital of Colombia–the lovely small town of San Gil–I have little motivation to partake in any of the thrilling activities offered.

After weeks of little sleep, too much fun, many hours of work at a very smokey bar, some rough around the edges travel, a few nights in a hammock and a long, ice cold night bus, my body has finally broken down, and I seem to have caught something a bit more troublesome than a little cold (appears to be bronchitis). A highly congested nose and periodic involuntary coughing fits have not only been annoying for me but for the travelers on my bus and hostel.

After breaking down and visiting a pharmacy for decongestants and cough meds–none of which appear to be working–I visited the natural remedy man at the market today. He gave me weird dry leaves to boil and breathe in, along with fresh ginger and honey for tea. I’ll be trying the natural way for a couple days, while laying low and catching up on sleep. If that doesn’t work, I may be heading to a local doctor.

That being said, I havent been 100% lazy. I went on an amazing full day mountain biking tour with some girls from my hostel yesterday. Though it probably wasn’t the best idea, I thought maybe it’d help clean up my lungs. More on that later.

During my downtime the next couple days, I intend to catch up on some blogging. Technological issues surrounding my SD disk (it appears to have somehow been reformatted and can’t be read on PCs), has made uploading any of the photos I’ve taken over the last 6 weeks nearly impossible. But I may have found a temporary solution. Fingers crossed.

Some pictures of San Gil taken on my iPod…




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