My Brillo-Haired Friend turns 80

As a freshman in high school I was given the assignment of writing a descriptive paper about a special person in my life. My paper, titled “My Billo-Haired Friend” was an ode to my grandpa (“Brillo-Hair,” is a reference to his course, curly white hair).

This was not a difficult assignment. I have looked up to my grandpa my entire life. With his goofy sense of humor, infectious laugh, and kind heart, he has an aura about him that gently demands respect and love. Though I grew up several hours away from him, he still managed to have a very strong presence in my life. Making it to a great many of my sporting events, academic banquets and graduations; quick to mail a card for every occasion big or small–to remind me how proud he was of me.

I continue to look forward to visits with Grandpa just as much as I did as a child. This past weekend was a special visit. My family gathered to celebrate my grandfather’s 80 impressive years of life, and to toast the coming years. To accommodate our group of nearly 30, we rented a cabin at a resort in The Wisconsin Dells. We filled the weekend with loads of tasty food, adequate pajama time, long walks, movie watching, napping, a few visits to the resort’s water park, and above all– lots of good-old-fashioned family bonding time. It was pretty much perfection.

Yummy birthday cakes; angel food with raspberry sauce, chocolate stout cake and lemon creme...

My brother and I with the guest of honor

The weekend involved lots of this type of activity

The whole gang


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