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A day to be thankful for

Giving Thanks 2011, a set on Flickr. This year I actually wished my grandpa had made us go around and say what we’re thankful for–like he has in years past. Right now, I’m feeling particularly thankful for a whole bunch. One of which is a family I actually genuinely enjoy spending my time with (and anxiously look forward to seeing)…

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Inspiration Tuesday

Motivation in book form

Since I have been feeling a tad overwhelmed and overworked lately; now might be the ideal time to reflect on some inspiring quotes from blogger/author/ lifestyle management guru Tim Ferriss. I recently read his much-hyped (in the “blogosphere,” at least) “The Four Hour Workweek,” and, for the most part, found it to be worth much of the hype… Noteworthy quotes/excerpts: […]

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What English Sounds like to Foreigners

I’ve often wondered this. More lately, as I’ve attempted to learn a new language, while also helping a non-native speak English. Language is one of those things that becomes stranger the more you think about it; i.e. try saying a familiar word out loud more than a few consecutive times. A simple, often spoken word begins to sound strange and foreign when repeated. It’s fascinating to me how languages can sound so rhythmically different from one another. French carries a vastly different tune from English, English from Spanish, so forth. Kind of mind boggling?

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